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Start dateStart timeTitle
Fri, 10 Jun 20227:00pmWednesday Woodwinds @ Ilkley Manor House (Wind Quartet Group)
Sun, 19 Jun 20222:00pmSwing Band @ Ilkley Bandstand (Swing Band)
Sat, 16 Jul 20227:00pmConcert Band Summer Concert
Sat, 23 Jul 20222:00pmConcert Band @ Ilkley Bandstand
Sun, 31 Jul 20222:00pmSmall Ensembles @ Ilkley Bandstand (Ain't Misbehavin' Saxes, Wind Quartet Group)
Sun, 28 Aug 20222:30pmSwing Band @ Golden Acre Park (Swing Band)
Fri, 25 Nov 20228:00pmSwing Band Dance Winter Garden Ilkley (Swing Band)